Ryan's First Day at the Lake!


Michael finally broke down and purchased his boat. Even though we went with Michael on an earlier ride, this was our first offical outing since we actually got to jump in the water this time!


We know the boat will be well protetected while Jane is on duty! Michael says its a law that the boat must have a guard Schnauzer on board. Maybe Sable can go next time! (LOL)


Ryan took to the boat like a duck takes to water! Here he is getting ready for the boat to take off.


Mike was an excellent guide for the day!


Ryan liked Mike's boat because it was FAST! (his words)




When we arrived at the party cove, I decided to rest on the inflatible tube.


Of course, Mike had other ideas!


Thank Goodness I had "skills" that helped me hang on.


Next was Kellie and Ryan's turn. Not to worry, we went very slow in a quiet cove.


After the raft, we decided to lay anchor and play in the water. This was Ryan's favorate part of the whole day. I think he is going to be a swimmer like his dad.


Here is a pic of Michael's boat from the water line. Note that he is flying Ryan's flag!


Even Jane have fun in the water. Actually she enjoyed just staying on the dive platform.


Ryan didn't want to leave the water, even after his teeth started chattering.


A view of our guard dog in action


Mike took a family photo for us. Jane wanted to be in the picture.


Mike wanted a side view of his boat. A bit yellow, don't you think?


Ryan had an excellent day, don't you think?


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