Ryan at 6 months


As of August, Ryan is 6 months old and getting along well with his enviornment



I started the training sessions with Ryan to teach him how to program. So far he's learned to bang and drool on the keyboard: already at the level of a visual basic programer!


Ryan's first job was to lead a training session for his aunts. He did very well.


Ryan and Sable have become really close. Sable is alway nearby when Ryan is needing attention


Tiffany, on the other hand, is still getting used to having a baby in the house. Here is one of the fist times she actually let Ryan touch her. (okay, so it took someone loving on Tiff for that to happened, but it DID happen!)


Ryan loves his saucer toy. His favorate task is to dance in the saucer and try to eat the orange butterfly


Ryan loves his bottle! He is starting on solids but doesn't like the time it takes to eat things that are not formula