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06/16/06 Okay, I really need to try harder on updating my website. We've been having fun this summer. So far Ryan has been playing blastball, and boating with Michael

07/02/05 Geeze. It has been almost a year since I've touched this site. ACS was keeping me really busy. In fact, it was so much that I decided to switch jobs. I now work at experían. The environment is like night and day from ACS. I actually have time to see my family again.

Ryan is getting bigger by the day. He is finally talking all the time (and each day we understand him a little bit better). He still plays with his guitar. During the summer we have been taking him to the Lewisville Sounds of Summer on Tuesday evenings. Ryan has discovered the wonders of computers and has a game that he requires mom or dad to play for him at least once a day.

08/09/04 Kellie, Thank you for the past 7 years! Thank you for all that you share with me! They say time flies when your having fun, well that must be true cause it sure doesn't feel like 7 years! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love you!


07/31/04 Kellie's family had a vacation in Bandera this month. You can find the pictures here:



05/22/04 Well, Kellie, Tracy, Mary, and I had a blast at the Huey Lewis And The News concert tonight at Billy Bob's! A local radio station was hosting the event and took a few pictures. You can view them from KVIL's website by clicking on the picture below:



04/11/04 Happy Easter everyone! This has been a fun weekend. We took Ryan to opening day at The Ballpark in Arlington where the Rangers won 12 to 4 against the Anaheim Angels! (THEY ACTUALLY WON!!!). Aunt Marie and Mary joined us. Ryan had a blast!

Look below for the picture of Ryan and the Rangers' hat. Click on it to see his latest pictures

04/06/04 I know, I've been bad. I need to put up some more photos or at the very least post what has been going on lately. Ryan is offically walking now! I don't know why, but I keep wanting to sing "Weebles Wobbles" but then he falls down. Im trying to get back on the bicycle now that the weather has warmed up (and more daylight) anybody want to go for a ride, give me a call. Kellie and Tam are big on the Geocaching and found a few more over the weekend. I think they are going to try and stash a cache of their own soon.

03/25/04 I took the week off and today I took Ryan to the Zoo. We had a good time for only being there for a hour and a half.

09/10/03 Okay, due to popular request (and about to get beaten by the wife) I've added new pics to the web site. I'll add a few more later, after I get over being sick with whatever Ryan brought home from his old daycare.




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